Automatic docking of the boxes showing videos of individual zoom participants

I would like to make the boxes or small windows showing videos of individual zoom participants, which now are drag-able and can be positioned anywhere on the screen. I would like to know if I can direct that to show in a specific section of my app layout.

Which version?
Current Zoom version

Hey @neboroland

Thanks for posting on the Zoom Devforum! I am still learning, but I will try my best to help answer your question. :slightly_smiling_face:

Checkout this related thread that may have the answer you are looking for:

If this thread did not help, please let us know by replying back here and someone from the Developer Relations team will get back to you shortly.


Thank you so much. Let me look at that.

Hey @neboroland,

Let me know if you have additional questions. :slight_smile:


Thanks very much Tommy.

I have sent 2 questions to you people yesterday and I tried one and it did not give me what I wanted, and then the other one was classified as out of scope and locked down,
so the frustration is still very high.
I am just thinking if I can give you a phone call so that you can really understand what I am looking for.

Okay, let me know.


Roland Oben (Web Developer)

Hey @neboroland,

Where they developer related questions? Can you please share the ticket number or link to the post on the devforum?


Thanks Tommy.

Here you go:

This is the second question that I gave in the developer forum, but that pointed me to an example SDK application, which I cloned and setup on my local machine but in the “zmmtg.initi()” I could set some settings there, but that’s all, and it didn’t tell me how to position the videos windows somewhere specific in my app.

Thanks very much for posting the links here Tommy.

Actually I love the green box that shows the boundary of the screen to be shared with the viewers, but how possible could it be to make Zoom share only a specific html “div tag” and not the whole browser window.
The advanced sharing of just part of the browser window is good but when the screen is minimized, it shows just anything else that is behind the minimized screen, and because of this, there is a problem according to our business model. Can this be corrected?

Hey @neboroland,

Looks like you just posted in the wrong category. For Web SDK questions continue to post in #web-sdk

Currently with the Web SDK custom screen sharing of an HTML element or div like you are wondering about and positioning videos somewhere specific is not available. Feel free to add these as feature requests here: #feature-requests


Thanks very much Tommy. I have added it as a new feature as you suggested.

Thank you once more.

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Thanks @neboroland! :slight_smile:


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