Basic question about which app type I need to build or buy

I have a simple survey website that I would “ideally” like to connect to the Zoom app as a popup (like the Chat window). Currently I am instructing my users to download Zoom AND open my website in a separate browser window. This is not ideal and confuses many as the browser window often “gets lost” when they need to answer questions in a live setting.

I have had some success splitting a single browser window between Zoom WC and my site; however, I’m looking for an integrated solution using the Zoom app.

My question is this: Is this possible? Which SDK/API type should I use to develop my own, OR are there solutions already available that someone might point me at.

Thanks for any advice that you might give.

Hey @alamb,

I would suggest using the Zoom Web SDK to embed the Zoom Meeting into your site.


Thanks for the quick reply and advice @tommy. I will dig in and have a look at it.

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Happy to help!

Let me know if you have additional questions! :slight_smile:


How can I connect zoom in our booking website? And what app should we get to connect the link in calendar and email? I hope you can help me

Hey @esther.placebookph,

Please see my reply to your post here: