Blank page when surfing zoom marketplace from Egypt

Hello, I want to sign-up to zoom marketplace but each time I browse I get a blank page.

Is it restricted in Egypt? If yes, what can I do to create an account?

Hi @mhodhod23,

Thank you for reaching out about this—can you let me know if you’re seeing any console errors in the browser when you try to access this page?


Hi Will
thank you for your response.
here it is
zoom error

Hi @mhodhod23,

Thank you for sharing this—we’re looking into this for you (ZOOM-292725).

I’ll follow up here shortly,

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Thank you very much
I am waiting for your response

Thanks, I will be in touch shortly!

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Hello Will

I am in hurry to create my app due to my buisness needs, is there any way to create my app now?

Hi @mhodhod23,

Thank you for following up on this—I can see you’ve written in to our email contact, so I will follow up with you directly there.

Thank you,

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