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The ‘BorderRadius’ issue of picture-in-picture ‘ZoomView’ from ‘@zoom/react-native-videosdk’ is not working on Android
I got this error when using {ZoomView} from ‘@zoom/react-native-videosdk’ which displays picture-in-picture on all android devices but works fine on ios.

Specifically, after I set borderRadius for the ZoomView display, it still works, but when its background becomes a ZoomView, there is a problem. The border is still displayed but the image is pushed out.

I have used methods such as: creating View classes, position: ‘absolute’ and ‘relative’, which interfere a little with Android Native but cannot be adjusted. I guarantee that this is a problem of your library, probably in the canvas section in Android Native.

Which React Native Video SDK version?


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  • Device: All devices running Android on all versions

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