Break-out room set-ups


I am a facilitator and would like to have more options to set up break-out rooms to enable more innovative facilitation approaches to be set up easily, e.g.

World Cafe set up: Set up groups of 5 and in the next round have one person in each break-out room stay and the others to be distributed to as many different ones as possible.

Pro-action cafe: Round 1 Set up group of 5 - Round 2 1 person stays, others go elsewhere Round 3 - everybody comes back to their original group

Open Space: Participants propose topics, participants can then sign up to different topics (see MIT unhangout)

Liberating structures: (there is a whole host of them ) e.g 1, 2, 4 , All - setup would have to be that after you may have random 2s, when they go into 4s - two pairs are automatically joined

Fishbowl discussion: Give participants the option to be in or out of the fishbowl;

These are just some of the examples. Would be happy to chat. is starting to look at this but are not very far. The platform generally is not as good though. Would prefer to see those facilitator features in Zoom.

Thank you.


Hi Andrea,
I am wondering did you get a solution for your facilitation ideas and in particular the fishbowl one?

Hi Tanya, unfortunately not. I am really frustrated. I have so many ideas and have even contacted Zoom competitors but nobody is interested. Are you a user like I or a developer?

Best wishes