"Build a Chatbot" documentation: where is the zoom_bot_jid and zoom_verification_token?

The Build a Chatbot documentation tells us to find the zoom_bot_jid and zoom_verification_token on the “Zoom Features page” but those are nowhere to be found.

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?

Hey @hx2A,

Please share a screenshot of your features page.

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I was able to find the field. It might be helpful to new people to mention in the documentation that the Bot JID is generated after the developer enters the Bot endpoints.

I have another question for you. If I create and install a chatbot and host a meeting, who can talk to the chatbot? Just me? Can meeting participants talk to it? Is there a way to make a chatbot that meeting participants from outside my organization can talk to without them needing to install anything?

It seems the chatbot cannot participate in a Meeting chat. It can only participate in the chat feature off the main login page that is separate from the meetings. Is that correct?

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@hx2A This is correct - Chatbots currently only work in Chat within the Zoom Client app, not in-meeting chat.