Building Video SDK tool as a Zoom app

Apologies, this question probably doesn’t fit the standard topic template, so I didn’t follow it.

Using the Video SDK, the sample, and my own C++ app, I created the foundation of a custom video sharing tool that would be critically important to our company and our clients to use during zoom meetings.

Okay, it was my bad to not see the fine print and understand that such a tool is NOT usable by clients in a zoom meeting.

However, the next best thing would be to publish this tool AS a Zoom App to be placed on the Zoom app marketplace and have our clients obtain this app and use it, not IN a zoom meeting, but DURING a zoom meeting but as an additional process completely unrelated to the currently running zoom process(es) ??

Before I expend a lot of time going down this path, or purchase any required license, etc., I need to know:

      Will I be restricted in any way from following this strategy ? 


Hey @ntclark ,

It sounds like a great use case for Zoom Apps!

Stay tuned for Zoom Apps developer GA.


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