Can I bypass Zoom Login page when I want to call Zoom page from my web application?

We have a application for educational institutes which allows instructors to have lectures on web. Instructor logs into our application and when he clicks on “settings” button on a page in our application, we want him to redirect to settings page of Zoom and bypass login page using SSO feature.

Do you have this feature? If yes then can you let me know the steps to implement this?

We already have vanity url and can configure SSO

Hey @meenakshi.varshney, thanks for posting and using Zoom!

Great question, I would suggest using Zoom OAuth, where your instructors would “Connect to Zoom” on your application, then the instructor can update their Zoom Profile and Settings right in your application using our APIs, instead of redirecting them to the Zoom site.

Let me know if this helps / makes sense!