Can i get durationof session

I have use video sdk.
And i can check duration of session in dashboard.
I need api that i get duration of session, But i cant found

How can i?

Hi @babo8256

Thank you for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Support Forum, happy to help here!
Are you trying to get data from a Meeting or Webinar???

Here you can find the duration of a meeting in the response body, when calling this endpoint:

Here you can find the duration of a Webinar, when calling this endpoint:

Hope this helps


Thank you for reply.
I know api.
But Api need authorization
I have use video sdk and i cant find jwt, aouth app type in marketplace build app
do you have way of authoriztion for video sdk?

Hi @babo8256

I understand your issue. The calls made through API are separate from video SDK, so unfortunately you won’t be able to perform API calls on your app.