Can we hide youtube share link which appears in Android Zoom SDK if Zoom has youtube streaming enabled?

Can we hide youtube share link which appears in Android Zoom SDK if Zoom has youtube streaming enabled?

Which version?
Its not version specific, rather functionality specific.

To Reproduce(If applicable)
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Create a meeting with youtube live streaming
  2. Join meeting via Zoom SDK in android
  3. You will see a Youtube Link Share option at right top when meeting starts
  4. On Clicking on it, the youtube streaming url can be copied and shared

Smartphone (please complete the following information):

  • Applicable to all devices mostly as its functionality specific

Additional context
We need to disable sharing of youtube streaming link to all as we want to keep it private. Visibility of youtube sharing option in Android SDK meeting screen doesn’t help our cause.

Hi @aniket.anerao, thanks for using the dev forum.

Could you provide a screenshot pointing out which view specifically you are referring to?


Hi Jon,
Will share screenshot shortly.
In above help center notes, it says that we get Live on Youtube link for Zoom users to click on/ copy through which they share meeting/event streaming to other users.
We want to hide this option in Zoom meeting SDK so that streaming remains private and accessible to only those whom we allow via our custom app (here the URL is embedded and not visible).

Can this be achieved?

Hi @aniket.anerao, thanks for the response.

The above link is referring to streaming via the desktop client. Please provide a screenshot of the view you are trying to hide in your Android app so that we can determine whether or not the feature you a re requesting is possible with the SDK’s default UI.


Hi Team,

Please find attached screenshot for reference.
If we can have some option to disable copy of youtube URL from this screen as we want the youtube streaming to be available only to intended users, not public.

Please suggest how to achieve same.

One more screenshot for reference on same issue as I was not able to attach another image in same post.

Hi @aniket.anerao, thanks for providing screenshots.

Hiding that view is unfortunately not currently supported by the SDK.


Hi Jon,
Thanks for reply. Can we expect that as feature in SDK somewhere down the line?

Hi @aniket.anerao,

We currently do not have any plans to implement this functionality that I am aware of. I can suggest this change internally, but there is no guarantee that it will be implemented in the future. If this becomes more commonly requested, that may increase the chances of it being implemented.


we do appreciate this feature to be developed in future.
those link only for the bosses to monitor the meeting privately…
i believe most of subscriber need those too.