Can we start the schedule webinar programatically from Backend server


We are seeking a way to start the scheduled webinar from our Backend server automatically. But from the Zoom API document, it looks like no such API is provided. I can only see it from Zoom SDK (Webinars). However, this SDK is for web client usage, and we are not sure if our Backend server (written with Node.js) can use it directly. Could you advise what the best practice for us to achieve this is? Thanks.



Hi @sullivantseng , we do not officially support starting webinars without a person initiating at this time, but some developers have created bots to start meetings/webinars.

For instance:,topic%2C%20or%20join%20a%20meeting.&text=When%20the%20meeting%20ends%2C%20the,meeting%20is%20recorded%20in%20cloud).

These can provide some guidance on creating a similar marketplace app for your usage needs.

Let me know if this helps!

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