Can you get a list of users in an active meeting from the Pro account?

I run a user-group, which now has to go virtual because of COVID-19. I’m planning on trying out Zoom for the first meetup. We normally do a prize-draw, and I have built a prize draw app which normally pulls RSVPs from Meetup. I want to change this so it gets current Zoom users in the meeting instead.

I’ve tried using “/v2/report/meetings/{meetingId}/participants”, but this always returns 404 (not found). And it looks like I need a business licence to use the dashboard and metrics features counterparts.

How can I get a list of users in an active meeting? It seems quite a basic requirement - I’m surprised if I can’t do this on a Pro paid-for account :frowning:


Hey @danclarke,

The only endpoint for getting list of users in current meeting is the Dashboard List Meeting Participants endpoint which does require a Business or higher plan.

Or you can implement a solution on your end utilizing our Participant Joined Meeting Webhook.


Hi Tommy,

Thank you for your reply. Yeah, this is what I was thinking of doing as a backup solution. It’ll certainly work, but not as clean.

Strange that the “/v2/report/meetings/{meetingId}/participants” endpoint just returned 404 though. I realise the docs says that this is for past meetings, so wouldn’t be correct for my use-case anyway - but it still seems to return 404 for past meetings too.

Happy to help @danclarke!

We will consider improving that error message. :slight_smile:


Hi @tommy. I’ve now set this up via webhooks, and it’s working nicely. Is there anyway to get each user’s profile picture? If I make a call to /v2/users/ for my own user uuid, then one of the fields returned is pic_url, which is just what I want. Unfortunatley if I call that user for anyone else in the meeting, I get a 404 :frowning:

Hey @danclarke,

You can only call the Get Users endpoint for users who have installed your OAuth app or for users on your own Zoom account.


Is there any other way I can programmatically get access to the profile picture URL of participants in my meeting?

Hi @danclarke, the only way to do this would be to follow Tommy’s advice above. If a user is on your account, you can access their data (including profile photo/user info) with account-level credentials. But if they’re not on your account, you’ll need to request their authorization to do so through OAuth.

Hi @danclarke i found your idea of lucky draw on zoom meeting quite interesting. can you share more thoughts on it.

Sure, I wrote a blog post about it…

Thanks for sharing @danclarke! :slight_smile:


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