Can zoom admin have access to it's individual account level meeting details?


My client is managing 5+ zoom accounts and does his admin account (Pro user) has access to meeting details of each account?( like meeting minutes). Each account facilitates a unique type of meeting and we need meeting minutes (Time spent by participant) data for each account. Kindly help me in understanding a feasible solution.

Thank you.

Thank You. I was hoping this is a active community but looks like not. Here’s what i found out. Go to this path. Admin → Account management → Reports → By users. Select the date and hit search. You have to click on user email part to get to attendance. Its such a poor way of designing by zoom team. It’s not intuitive and i could not find any information on the web.

Hi @sandilya.902 ,

Thanks for the feedback. It sounds like your client has a master-subaccount plan structure? If so, these API endpoints are also helpful for them to get this reporting information programmatically.


Hi @gianni.zoom ,

I appreciate your response. Yes it is a master sub account structure. We have contacted zoom support team to understand the relevant API end point and this has been shared with us. I am attaching the path for future reference. click here . The support team shared an image but i am unable to paste it here.