Can zoom apps launch on their own?

Creating an app that will be used by our team internally to gather some basic data on participation and engagement for our meetings. Wondering if the app needs to be launched manually every time, or if there is someway to set the app to auto-launch for an account, or to configure it in advance to launch for specific meetings?

Basically to account for host forgetfulness?


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I am seeing that it is possible to programmatically launch the app for a meeting. But it seems like it is only possible to call this from within a running zoom app?

Also, what is the usecase for calling that method in an active meeting? Wouldn’t the app already be running?

Hi, can you share more details about it, then will be able to share my views on it. So it’s helpful for everyone.

Hi, I mean I don’t know if I have more details other than what I already shared. The idea is to create an app that would automatically start in various meetings on its own. There are methods such as the one I referenced above that allow a meeting to start, and to open the app right away, so its clear that the basics for what i want are already there, but I am curious about how to set it so that specific meetings automatically start with a zoom app running, or for specific accounts to always run an app on all meetings.

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Dear Zoom - We have a very similar request and need to Rostislav’s.

We are building a Zoom App that is used by teams to monitor participation, speaking time, interruptions, monologues, etc. It’s used to ensure equitable and inclusive conversations are happening. However, our users are sometimes forgetful to open the app. If they forget to open it, it defeats the purpose of the app, since it should be run in all team meetings, from the beginning of the meeting.
We are looking for a way to programatically open the app.

(Rostislav - if you would like to reach out to us, happy to have you try to use our app if you like!!)

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@racheld From outside of a meeting you would first want to authorize a user. If a user has already authorized your app and you have an access token then you can generate a deeplink to open your app.

Otherwise, from the context of a meeting, you can use the sendAppInvitation API to invite users to join the app from a meeting.