Cannot renew access token/refresh token for some users - 400 Invalid Token

API Endpoint(s) and/or Zoom API Event(s)

I have followed this documentation and verified our applications storage and update of both the access token and refresh token upon a refresh request.

For some users we are seeing a 400 when requesting a new refresh and access token a bit after they have installed the application.

Here’s the behavior we’ve seen:

  1. Successfully created access token / refresh_token via app installation:
  2. minutes later => successfully refreshed token
  3. A couple hours later => Returned refresh token from step 2 user and attempted another refresh. Received Invalid Token Error.

The other posts/documentation on the forum suggest that this would be caused by not making the subsequent request with newest refresh token but I can verify in our test environment and for some production users that the approach in use works. Is there anything else this error could be caused by?


    “reason”: “Invalid Token!”,
    “error”: “invalid_grant”

Hi @devind
Hope you are doing great and thanks for reaching out to us!
I wanted to reach out to you to check if you are still getting this error when trying to refresh access tokens?

Hi @elisa.zoom - we finally found the case in which if a certain error occurred would lead to a non-refreshable token being stored. So issue resolved thanks!

Hi @devind Sorry to bother you, do you mind sharing what you mean by if a certain error occurred would lead to a non-refreshable token being stored? We are facing similar issue and yet to resolve the problem

HI @townhalldev
Feel free to open up a new topic if you need our assistance :slight_smile: