Cannot retrieve dial-in numbers


I am using the OAuth method. The goal is to be able to generate a meeting link and provide that as well as dial-in access numbers in a meeting request in our own application.

Meeting creation is working fine, but I don’t know how to get access numbers. It looks like I should be able to query “”, but when I do that I get “Invalid access token, does not contain scopes: [tsp:write:admin]”. I have selected both the TSP read-only and write-admin scopes in my application configuration.

If I use my own token in the API playground, it says “TypeError: Failed to fetch”.

Is this the right approach to get dial-in numbers? Why is this not working?


Hi Aaron, 

To do OAuth with our APIs you will need to go to our register your app and add scopes[tsp:write:admin] within our marketplace

Please check out our marketplace docs on scopes here



Thanks, Michael. As I said in my post, “I have selected both the TSP read-only and write-admin scopes in my application configuration.”

This is the source of my confusion; I have allowed those scopes and I am still receiving that error.


I seem to get different errors depending on how I go about this, so here is a “reference implementation” that demonstrates the problem.

This is the code I am running, based on the Zoom OAuth sample app:

I’m authenticating with the client ID and secret from my unpublished app, ID JvMuxSt1SryYrz4M_eKKzw. Note the selected scopes:

The response that I receive is:

“code”: 2024,
“message”: “Account not enable TSP”


TSP needs to be enabled on your account. Has this been added to your account?


If you just want dial-in numbers for regular meetings then you can build that. We use the same numbers for every meeting with the meeting ID being the “access code”. Please see here for a list of our dial-in numbers: