Cannot retrieve user's host key via API

I am provisioning new accounts via the API call:

I am also generating a host key and vanity name for the user and updating via:

Now I plan to do daily syncing to make sure data is consistent, eg. user updates profile via the Zoom Web Portal; however there is no way to get the user’s Host key in case they change it. No such fields is returned when using the get user API call:

Can you please add this field there or advise on how this can be done?

If we can update a user’s host key via the API, and the account owner can view all users’ host keys via the web portal, there should be no reason this field is not included with the above API call?


Thank you for the question. Currently, we do not support this feature of having a host key returned. 



Hi Michael,

That would be very helpful. Any ideas on a potential ETA for this?

Thank you