Cannot set video "zoom-in" to MobileRTCVideoView.addAttendeeVideoUnit

We using customized UI SDK method to render participant video, after major SDK update we lost the ability to manipulate video zoom-in zoom-out using MobileRTCVideoUnitRenderInfo parameter in MobileRTCVideoView.addAttendeeVideoUnit.
ref: MobileRTCVideoViewManager ( SDK API Document)

When we are changing (xPercent, yPercent, widthPercent, heightPercent), video stays the same.

Which Android Client SDK version?

Hi, thanks for the post.

Sorry to hear you are running into issues with setting the dimensions when subscribing to the video stream. Can you please clarify on which version this was working correctly and which version you updated to in which incorrect behavior you have observed? I am only seeing one version number in your post, and am unsure if that is the “before” version or “after” version. :slightly_smiling_face:


Sorry, we made a mistake in the version.
Old version - v5.0.24437.0708
New version - v5.5.1.1319

Hi @nkapustin,

Thanks for confirming the version numbers. Can you also please specify what values you are changing in the MobileRTCVideoUnitRenderInfo parameters?


Hi @ jon.lieblich,

widthPercent and heightPercent for scaling, xPercent and yPercent for moving

Hi @nkapustin,

Thanks for confirming. Are you able to reproduce this behavior in the sample app after modifying the render info? As far as I can tell, these parameters are working as intended in the latest version of the SDK.


Yes, we can, in the example app is also reproduced, I attach screenshots

Hi @nkapustin,

Thanks for providing the screenshots. Based on the code changed in the background of that screenshot, this is not the right place to change the parameters in the sample app. Can you please try changing the values in the updateAttendeeVideos method within that same class and let me know if you’re still not seeing any changes?


Hi, @jon.lieblich,
This is the correct place, this is a callback for selecting a user from the list, I checked it with a debugger, updateAttendeeVideos method selects the first user from the list, I atk checked it with one user, the result is the same.

is you sort out this problem? I also facing this type of issue and looking for solution :frowning:

Hi @nkapustin,

Thank you for clarifying that you are selecting individual users in the meeting. I did not notice the green outline in your screenshots. In that case, yes you are correct. After playing around with this some more, it seems that the view only has the settings applied to it in some scenarios. We will need to investigate this further to determine exactly what is causing this to happen in some use cases.

I will be sure to keep you updated as soon as we have more information.


Hello @jon.lieblich ,

My name is Chingiz, I am a teammate of @nkapustin (project manager). It has past quiet a long time since the last response. Do you have any updates regarding mentioned issue?

Also we want to inform you that migration to new SDK version v5.7.1.1267 also did not resolve the issue. This issue is blocking us from prod migration to the new version, in the same time if we do not do that we face significant risks with Google play store publications.

I kindly remind you about that. We want and we need this migration but also we need to resolve this issue as soon as possible.

Thank you!

Hi @Chingiz,

Thanks for following up on this. We’re still investigating expected behavior on our end related to setting the parameters to values greater than 100. To help our investigation, are you able to provide screenshots of what you were seeing in the older SDK version?


We reviewed previous versions and it appeared not working too. After additional investigation, it seems that SDK does not allow zoom-in more than 100%.


Thanks for confirming that this was not working differently in older versions, that clears up some confusion on our end! Were you seeing this behavior on any other platforms, or was this just something that was assumed to function in a certain way when using the SDK?


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