Cant delete cloud recordings via API (using admin JWT) "200: No permission"


Im trying to delete either all or some cloud recordings from any meeting, hosted by any user and the endpoint fails with a No permission error. This JWT was generated by an Admin user. This admin user was only created to manage cloud recordings, it has no meetings belonging to it. This is for a nodejs application/internal api that needs account-wide access, no user auth.

With this user, I can delete recordings via the zoom Manage Recordings browser UI

What could be happening?

Thanks in advance


	"code": 200,
	"message": "No permission."

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?

Which Endpoint/s?
DELETE v2/meetings/88285443629/recordings?action=trash
DELETE v2/meetings/WG3eKYJmSsm6AlN4%252BixobQ%253D%253D/recordings?action=trash
DELETE v2/meetings/WG3eKYJmSsm6AlN4%252BixobQ%253D%253D/recordings/87871e38-4132-4b7a-9a60-7572ba976850?action=trash

How To Reproduce (If applicable)
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

> DELETE /v2/meetings/WG3eKYJmSsm6AlN4%252BixobQ%253D%253D/recordings?action=trash HTTP/2
> Host:
> user-agent: insomnia/2021.7.2
> cookie: cred=2005BB361FAF5786160B753BA3B60AFE; _zm_ssid=aw1_c__ru4AqHOQaKANUcNv3MP4Q
> authorization: Bearer {JWT}
> accept: */*
	"code": 200,
	"message": "No permission."

Screenshots (If applicable)

Additional context
If i pass an invalid id or uuid i get a

	"code": 3301,
	"message": "This recording does not exist."

I do have this account setting enabled.

The host can delete cloud recordings

Hello, any help with this issue?

Hi Ricardo,
Thanks for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum, I am happy to help here!
I see that you are getting No permission message when trying to delete meeting recordings via API.
Could you please try generating a new JWT token an try again?

I do not see why you could be getting the error because the JWT will let you delete recordings that belong to that account.

Hope this helps,

Hello @elisa.zoom
Thank you for your reply.

I’ve just generated another JWT inside the Marketplace, then my JWT Account-wide App, then App Credentials, then JWT Token. I can browse the other endpoints just fine, but i still cant delete any recording. Wish i could tell you something else.

Hi @ricardo-dev
Interesting, I would like to debug this issue further because I am not able to replicate this behavior on my end. Please send me an email to with a link to this thread and in that email could you please share the email address associated to your account


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