Cant find the 36 lenght SKD KEY

Cant find the 36 lenght SDK_KEY when creating a new Meeting SDK app for integration.
What key i am supposed to inform when calling the ZoomMtg.generateSDKSignature function on zoom-web-sdk example?

I am using the 2.7.0 version.

@suporte Hope you will be fine.

Currently, Zoom changed Zoom SDK Key & Secret to Client Id & Secret and then generate a JWT token & set that as the signature.

Hi Naeem,

I tried to use the client ID & Secret to generate a SDK Signature, but it throws this error when the Join function is called:

“method”: “join”,
“status”: false,
“result”: null,
“errorMessage”: “Sdk key length error, must 36”,
“errorCode”: 4003

What i am missing here?

@suporte Please set Client ID as SDKKey like :point_down:

Already doing this

The meetingConfig.sdkKey value is the 22 lenght client ID value from this app

@suporte Please verify that meetingConfig.sdkKey have value & sdkKey with Key ‘K’ capital.

you need SDK 2.9 or higher for the new type of Meeting SDK app created after Feb 12, 2023

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Hi, @suporte ,

I see you mentioned that you are using the generateSDKSignature function, can you share a screenshot of how you are calling that function?

generateSDKSignature Function

Reference Screenshots


Also, you should know that there is a sample App that shows how to generate a Meeting SDK JWT to join Zoom meetings and webinars with the Meeting SDK. Here is the link to the repo:


If you are using version 2.7.0 of the Web SDK, you must have created your SDK App Type before 12th Feb 2023. This version of SDK requires you to create your signature using SDK Key and SDK Secret

However if you have created your SDK App Type after 12th Feb 2023, you will need to use Web SDK version 2.9.7 and later.

How to tell if which SDK App type do you have?

  • If you see SDK Key, SDK Secret, Client Id and Client Secret. Your SDK App Type was Before 12 Feb 2023)

  • If you only see Client Key, Client Secret. Your SDK App Type was created after 12 Feb 2023). You need to use Web SDK 2.9.7 and later


It seems from your screen shot, your app was created after 12th Feb 2023. You will need to use Web SDK 2.9.7 and later