Cant join or create meeting

I am running Windows on MacBook Pro, through bootcamp, and experiencing an issue joining or creating meetings.
When I press either: “Join meeting”, “Create meeting” or even the setting tab, all that happens is the buttons gray out for a second or two, the mouse pointer turns, (like loading something), and nothing more beyond that.
I have tried reinstalling the program multiple times, rebooting pc, running as administrator.

Which Client Windows SDK version?
Windows 10 Home

Video of the issue

Device (please complete the following information):
MacBook Pro 2017 (Retina, Touch-Bar)

Hey @DidelisMacas,

Thanks for using the dev forum!

That is very interesting! My first suggestion would be to try updating to the latest version of the Zoom application. Unfortunately, this forum is for SDK related issues only. The people over at Zoom Help Center should be able to assist you further :slight_smile:


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