Can't render local user video stream on canvas without user click

I can’t render local user video stream on canvas, but lately I noticed response here that you can’t startVideo and render it without user click event. When I did startVideo and renderVideo on user click, it worked.

For my application it’s gonna be very confusing, so I’m wondering is there a workaround? When user is navigated to page (or component renders), he already checked camera/mic settings and ready to start a call, so asking user to click somewhere to turn video/audio on will be a bad UX.

Which Web Video SDK version?

Hey @dekoyre ,

Can you share some more details on what was not working and steps to reproduce the issue? I was able to render the local video track.

That is correct, due to privacy, a user has to click to start their video.

We suggest making a “Start Video” button so it is clear to your users that is how they turn on their camera. :slight_smile:


Thank you for the answer!

Just wanted to mention, that without feedback it’s quite complicated to find out the reason why render wasn’t happened.

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Thanks for the feedback, we will be updating our docs to make this clear! :slight_smile:


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