Change name under meeting thumbnail

When I enter a meeting, under my thumbnail image, the name appears as “John (unwanted text) Smith” and forces me to change it to “John Smith” every time - the fix is temporary and appears again in the next meeting. How do I change the unwanted text in the default name permanently? I’ve looked all over the “Profile” section with no luck. I have a free account. Thanks in advance…

Hey @Lsutigers_1,

Thank you for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum. Is this with the Web SDK or the Zoom Client?

When you first install the Zoom Client, it will ask you to set a username if you don’t log in. From there, when you attempt to join a meeting it will use that name.

I would try reinstalling the Zoom Client and make sure to look out for that prompt. Let me know if that helps.


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