Check current SDK version

I got an email from Zoom about the upcoming SDK minimum version policy saying that “we have identified that your application is running a version of the SDK that will be retired”. I was looking at our JWT app and our integration with Zoom and I don’t see anywhere that we are using the SDK. So I was wondering, is there a good way to check whether we’re using the SDK and check which version we’re using?


In the top right corner of, you should see a button Manage where you can see all the different types of integrations that exist in your account. If you’re only using a JWT app to access the API, you can disregard that email.

Certain SDKs can also be installed via CDN or npm, in which case the version numbers would either exist in the script import or package.json, respectively. However, in both these cases, there would need to be some sort of credentials created in our marketplace for the SDKs to work.