{ "code": 400, "data": "{\"code\":300,\"message\":\"Validation Failed.\",\"errors\":[{\"field\":\"message\",\"message\":\"Missing field.\"}]}" }

When trying to run using a “Sending a Message via chat” API using OAUTH 2.0, the following message is returned:
“code”: 400,
“data”: “{” code \ ": 300, " message \ ": " Validation failed. \ ", " errors \ “: [{” field \ ": " message \ ", " message \ ": " Missing field. \ “}]}”

Can you help me with this error?

Hi @ulisses.mesquita – happy to help! Can you send the full API request path parameter and payload you submitted? For user id and email field values, you can put [REDACTED].


Yes No problems.


Headers: 'Authorization' => 'Bearer '.$this->access_token->access_token,
            'Content-Type' => 'application/json',

form_params: 'form_params' => json_encode([
                    'message'=> 'Test Note',
                    'to_contact' => 'henrique.boechat@xpon.com.br',

The message returned is the following error: 400 → Message: code":300,“message”:“Validation Failed.”,“errors”:[{“field”:"message ",“message”:"Missing field.\

Hi, can you help me?

Hey @ulisses.mesquita,

I’m not immediately seeing an issue with this. Can you provide the encoded JSON? I want to make sure that it isn’t being generated as a hashed array and is instead an object.

Further, make sure that you are sending the JSON in the POST body.

Let me know if that helps.


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