[Contribution] Zoom SDK integration with reactjs sample code

Hi. I wrote this post [doc] password in ' ZoomMtg.join' api is a bit confusing
Thank you so much for this opportunity. As you agreed, I’ve created a sample project for zoom SDK integration with reactjs
Github link: https://github.com/shawnscoding/zoom-integration-with-reactjs

I believe this sample code will help many devs trying to integrate zoom SDK into reactjs app because

  1. It works very well with the latest version of @zoomus/websdk. I’ve seen no sample project that works with it without any error in reactjs.
    2.I created a custom hook to have dynamic css and input form used for userName and userEmail fields of meetingRoom config object. I believe this would be useful for guest user.
  2. I styled the form component very similar to Zoom sdk modal. However, If user doesn’t want this form, he can just remove the component.
  3. This is very light-weight and customizable I included only must-have code that needed for it to work.


Feel free to ask me for any modification to my code if you think this is not appropriate.
I can also create this sample project without the form if you want.
Otherwise, it would mean a lot to me if you link my project to your docs or somewhere people see.
Thank you !!


Thank you @ShawnKim, for sharing this Web SDK react sample app with the community! :slight_smile:

We will review this and consider adding it to our docs!


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