Controlling the Windows app from .net application

I’m one of the hosts of a ukulele strum we hold over Zoom and I’ve written a program to help run the meetings. The program automatically mutes all and mutes me when a song starts by sending the appropriate shortcut keys to the process with a mainWindowTitle of Zoom Meeting. This works really well, until the 10 minute warning window pops up - the process seems to vanish. I think this should be pretty easy to debug - EXCEPT! - I have to wait 30 minutes for the 10 minute warning to appear, and it doesn’t always appear; if just open a meeting, it never appears or if I join the meeting from my phone, so there’s two people, it never appeared; I’ve been running a “test” meeting for an hour now without a warning. Is there a way to force a 10 minute warning quickly? I’m not using the SDK, but I’m not sure where to ask this.

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I’ve resolved the problem; although the MainWindowTitle of the process disappears when the 10 minute warning appears, the windowhandle can still be referred to. I check to see if any process still has the id previously used by the Zoom process and if it does, it’s still running and I can send keystrokes to it.

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