Cors error - Access-Control-Allow-Origin




I have this error when I want to use the Js command ==> Zoom.login()

Error :

Header CORS « Access-Control-Allow-Origin » is missing.
Zoom JavaScript API error: zoomus.js:4:3
XMLRequest POST API: user.signin

My code :


$(’#btn_login’).val(“login success”);


I have a local server (XAMPP). I have tried to put line on my apache config but that don’t perform… I don’t know how to do it because I’m not familiar with the zoom api.


TY !


is the zoom API or the zoom web client sdk?


this is the zoom API when I call to connect me.

I use your github projet ==> sample-app-web-master


I read that we can’t fix this because my files are in local (XAMPP server) and the Zoom api is online.


The Zoom API does not support CORS