Create a future scheduled meeting using ios sdk

Can a custcreate user be able to create a scheduled (future) meeting in zoom?
Looking at the zoom ios sdk functions and usage, looks like only a login user (create, autocreate) can create a scheduled meeting. Is it right?
Document on Pre-meeting service mentions ‘This class provides support for schedule/edit/delete meeting once login with work email.’

We are looking to add meeting capabilities to our ios application and I am researching zoom to see if it fits our needs.
Basically we want a user to be able to schedule a meeting with another user based on predefined timeslots.
I believe we would be looking at an api partner plan as users dont need to access zoom directly, only through our application.

Yes, To make Premeeting service available, SDK user should login with work email, Or we cannot know the identity of user while he is scheduling/edit/deleting meeting. If you do not want to access Zoom directly, please try with REST API.