Create Meeting and Get Meeting ID Key Nomenclature

What is the meeting ID key name?

The response example within the documentation says the meeting ID for a newly created meeting is “id.”
However, the get meeting endpoint says the key name for the meeting ID is “meetingId” for the query parameter but shows the response example as “id.”
The delete meeting path parameter says the meeting ID is meetingId.

Are these key names correct or is there one key name for the meeting id for both the create meeting response object and get meeting response object.

I am concerned with pulling the propper meeting ID from the RESPONSE OBJECT!

Which is correct?

Option 1
Create Meeting - Response for the meeting ID - id

Option 2
Create Meeting - Response for the meeting ID - meetingId

Something entirely different?

I am asking because in the event I need to delete a meeting I need to be able to reference the meeting by its meeting ID.

I think it is id, but I wanted to be sure!

Thanks for your time and patience.

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Hey @bizstim.apps,

The meeting key name for the Create Meeting endpoint response is id. Looks like it is missing from the response schema in the docs. @shrijana.g can you please add it?


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Thanks very much. Better safe than sorry :grinning:

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Happy to help! :slight_smile: