Create users for my account without confirmation email

I’m using the APIs provided by Zoom. I would need to create users connected to my account without the need to confirm the user via the link sent by email (so, call ‘create’ is not good for me).

I would therefore like to create a user by assigning them an email and password directly and make it already active, so that it has its own personal meeting URL.

Is it possible? If it is, with what call is it possible? Does my account need to be Pro or Business?

Thank you

Hi @it-manager,

Thanks for reaching out about this, and good question.

Currently, this is only possible using the custCreate action under our Create User API:

However, this action requires our API Partner Plan. If you would like to use this, you will need to reach out to to request access.

Let me know if this helps,

Thanks for your answer Will.
Reading the documentation I imagined that the solution was related to custCreate.

I have a further question, always related to the use of the API and linked to the previous one: by creating a meeting for a user linked to my account, it is possible to authenticate this user automatically via API before the start of this meeting, without him having to. to do before accessing it?

Hi @it-manager,

Good question. It’s not currently possible to authenticate users programmatically in the way you’ve described. However, if the user is the host of the meeting, the start_url provided in the response of our Create and GET Meeting endpoints has a user token appended to it, so they should not need to further authenticate if they’re starting the meeting using that URL.

Let me know if this helps—thanks!

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