Creating a Note Taker application

It is impossible to take notes in a classroom setting when having only one screen. Even worse on laptops. You can not read the lecture slides and take notes at the same time because the screen is too small while the meeting is minimized.

I read the documentation and ideally this is how the app should be made:

You could set up a channel called “blank” “Notes” (could be BIO Notes or math307 Notes etc.) and a user can specify when they send a message the message target “user ID or channel ID” parameters so you could send all messages to that channel for those notes. Then you can get all messages from a userID in a specific channel from a specific date. Get messages me 11/23/21. This comes in a JSON array called “messages” you could then easily parse these and write java script to save the string to a .txt file with the date and channel ID as the title to the C: directory or wherever is consistent on all machines.

I don’t have a company or private policy URLS or any of the other stuff to build it, so there is no way I am going to be able to build this. But it would be a really nice feature if anyone wanted to implement it.