Creating Sessions With Zoom Video SDK for Web

Hello, here is the developer forum thread for the “Creating Sessions with Zoom Video SDK for web” developer workshop led by @rehema.zoom and @kellyjandrews! Please comment on this thread for questions or troubleshooting help with the workshop and sample app.

Great session, thank you! The only thing I would add is if it is possible in the future to have the Zoom Video SDK account be the same as the Zoom Account.


Hi @allen , thanks for the feedback. I totally understand that and hope it is something that is possible in the future as well.

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Here’s the recording from the Workshop:

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just viewed the Youtube session of the workshop.
Great. Thank you.
Login screen is working, getting the signature too.
But: if I want to join a session, I’ve got an error 200 “This account does not exists or does not belong to you”.
The account is my own developer Video SDK account.
See the screenshots below.

Any advice would be appreciated.

@hanwel , check out this video for assistance on the “Troubleshooting Common Errors” chapter :slight_smile: