Custom made "web-classroom" for zoom

I have been using Zoom for 8 months now and am trying to learn more. I am not a developer but am looking for a developer’s services. At least that might be right. I have asked this question in Zoom’s customer service and have not received a response - no surprise there! I would like to have a stable web presentation for a class. for example, if I have 9 students in a class, i would like to use a matrix of 3x3, and the upper right box will always have Jim, the upper middle box will always have Asanta, etc regardless of who is the first to log in, the last one to speak, etc If Jim is not here today, I want that box to be empty. I am willing to pay to have this done. If it is something that is not “too” technical, I am also willing to pay someone to teach me how to set it up. Maybe it is already a function of Zoom? Can someone tutor me in these kinds of uses? Still not received a response after 3 weeks :frowning:

Hey @haopengyou_1,

Unfortunately this is not possible with the Zoom App, or our APIs and SDKs.