Custom UI for Chat in meeting

I am using custom UI, and on a button click i want to open chat view with my custom UI how to achieve that.
Currently i am using MobileRTC.shared().getMeetingService()?.presentMeetingChatViewController( self , userId: userId) by which chat view is visible, but i wanted my custom UI to render for chats.

Hi dev-admin-demo,

Thanks for the post. If you would like to use your own chat UI, you can draw your own UI and leverage the corresponding interfaces, such as:

Calling the presentMeetingChatViewController( self , userId: userId) will call our built-in chat component. We provide it for some users who do not want to developer their own chat UI.

Hope this helps. Thanks!

Hello @Carson_Chen, thanks i integrated these.
While calling this method - ms.sendChat(toUser: userId, withContent: txtMessage.text!)
I received - MobileRTCSendChatError(rawValue: 1)

can you please guide what might have went wrong?

Hi dev-admin-demo,

Thanks for the reply. The error code rawValue: 1 means the send chat request was failed(obviously :slight_smile: ). We might need more info in order to help you. May I ask what did you do before calling the sendChatToUser interface(Or how to reproduce this error?). Or could you provide the SDK log for us to further investigate?


Thanks, its working :slight_smile:

Thanks Carson! :slight_smile:

Happy to hear it is working @dev-admin-demo.