Customize UI Design

With the Web SDK can we create our own design or are we fixed into the iframe version.

The reason I ask, I would like the host to see everyone but the participants only to see the host. Or have the ability to toggle these types of settings.

Hope you can advise.

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Hi @leesmith,

Right now the JSSDK is the fixed version when it comes to design. We only show the active speaker, however we are working on a version to show multiple participants similar to the native clients.


Hi Michael,

I have a requirement of custom video layout where I want to display/design video DIV elements anywhere on the window. I don’t want to go with static layout suggested in Zoom web pages, I wanted to draw custom layouts. Do we have such things available in Zoom ?


Hi @sanjeev.kumar,

Unfortunately, we don’t have an option for custom layouts using our JSSDK right now. However, It is on the roadmap tentatively for later this year.


Hi Michael, Is there any update on this feature?

Hey @rubengt01,

No updates yet. This will probably happen sometime next year.


Thanks for the update

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You are welcome! :slight_smile:


Next year? Seriously? How can there be a web SDK and absolutely no way to customize it? It makes the SDK itself basically completely useless.

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@tommy There is a very critical issue when integrating the WEB SDK into an existing web application. The global styling of the HTML elements in the app like(buttons, anchors etc) are messing up the styling of the Zoom SDK window, will the customizable UI that is set to release this year address this issue as well? What is needed is the ability to protect the scope of the Zoom SDK window wrapper so that styles apart from the SDK do not mess it up. Something like Shadow Dom maybe? Please clarify about this and any ETA for the customizable UI release?

Hey @elearningevolve, @brad1,

I appreciate your feedback. During Zoom’s 90 day plan, we are developing security features for the existing Web SDK. After that, we are going to develop styling / customization related features.

In the meantime, see here on how to best use the Web SDK:

Thanks for your understanding,

Thankyou for keeoing us updated @tommy. Glad to hear that you will be working on the styling soon. There is one more issue in addition to the one metnioned above. The bootstrap srylesheet of the WEB SDK is also impacting the styles of other elements of the page if we embed it as part of a page. Please address these issues with the styling changes.

Hey @elearningevolve,

Please see my post here about the Web SDK styling overrides:


Hello all, my first post on the Zoom Dev forum! Here I go…

Any updates on availability of UI customization? And does the limitation apply only to the WebSDK, or to the other SDKs as well (e.g. macos, windows, electron, ios, android, etc.)? What about if making an app for the zoom marketplace — can you customize the settings page on the desktop client app?

Say if you were to add your own settings for a custom app. Could you add those in a separate tab? As in the left-hand pane:

And finally, does Zoom charge a fee for publishing on the marketplace, or can anyone publish their app free of charge?

Hey @Denis, welcome to the devforum! :slight_smile:

There are no updates yet on more customization capabilities to all the SDKs.

Apps on the Zoom Marketplace are OAuth or Chatbot Apps only.

The SDKs do not have the settings page. They are only for the In Meeting / Webinar Experience.

Depending on what features your app uses, you will need to be on a certain plan. API endpoints that require a paid plan mention it on the respective doc page. :slight_smile: