Customize UI Design


With the Web SDK can we create our own design or are we fixed into the iframe version.

The reason I ask, I would like the host to see everyone but the participants only to see the host. Or have the ability to toggle these types of settings.

Hope you can advise.


Hi @leesmith,

Right now the JSSDK is the fixed version when it comes to design. We only show the active speaker, however we are working on a version to show multiple participants similar to the native clients.



Hi Michael,

I have a requirement of custom video layout where I want to display/design video DIV elements anywhere on the window. I don’t want to go with static layout suggested in Zoom web pages, I wanted to draw custom layouts. Do we have such things available in Zoom ?



Hi @sanjeev.kumar,

Unfortunately, we don’t have an option for custom layouts using our JSSDK right now. However, It is on the roadmap tentatively for later this year.