Customize web zoom interface

I did the integration of zoom sdk to my Angular app, and I need to add a button on the top right of the zoom interface so the user when click on it, I can show a custom view.
My question here:
Do we can add a button and a view (div) to the zoom interface, and if yes could you help me on telling me how?

Which version?

Hey @houssam.hammoud,

Currently the Zoom Web SDK does not support customization apart from the reference.

You can however manipulate the Web SDK styles via JS or CSS.


@tommy thanks for your reply,
I have a question could you please list to us all the functionalities covered by the webSDK and functionalities not covered by the WebSDK.
Because we can see a lot of difference between the WebSDK and the mobile SDK and we could not know what we can do and what we cannot.

Could you help me on this?

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Hey @houssam.hammoud,

You can see the Web SDK Reference here:

And Mobile iOS SDK reference here: