Customized video SDK to control guest audio & Video

Video SDK Type and Version
As per special SDK provided for
SDK I am using is Web SDK with React code

As per my requirement, I need following features.

  • Host can control audio, video and screen sharing of participants
  • Host can enable / disable chat feature
  • Raise hand to ask a question
  • Confirmation dialogue for Host to start and end session
  • Mute / Unmute specific Person
  • Everyone is allowed to send message
  • Everyone is allowed to speak
  • Everyone can react by emojis
  • Need to show mode on Host Screen like on presentation mode or undisturbed mode

No error as we need to introduce functionality

I’m not 100% sure what you are asking, but the Video SDK should be able to provide these features - are you not able to locate the documentation for those items, or are you looking for something else?