Deauth URL invoked whenever a user tries to connect the zoom app

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We have a Zoom OAuth app which is published to the marketplace.
We allow the user to authorize and disconnect the Zoom app from the application.

We see a weird behaviour with the authorization URL. Everytime a user connects to the Zoom application from the Web app, we see a deauth webhook being called.
We traced it down in the logs. And this a pattern that we see. The endpoint we have for deauth is only invoked by Zoom and not from the application.

Would be better if there can be a one-on-one chat as we might need to share some private data of our app.


Hi @Rithanya ,

Are you able to reproduce this with your testing team? Is this new behavior? Have there been any business logic changes to your codebase that could contribute to this?

I will message to get a bit more info.

Hi @gianni.zoom ,
We are now seeing multiple scenarios were the Zoom deauth URL is getting called.

  1. When the user tries to connect to our Zoom app from our application, we see a call made to deauth URL. (Sometimes it’s inconsistent, doesn’t happen always.)
  2. When the user disconnects the Zoom app from our application we request zoom to remove our zoom app from the user’s marketplace. In this scenario also we see a deauth call made by Zoom to our application.
    Will it be possible to get on a call to resolve this?