DestroyVideoElement always returns SDKERR_UNINITIALIZE (C# Wrapper)


I am trying to unsderstand how to properly deallocate a video container with video elements in it. I am calling DestroyVideoElement for each element included but I always get SDKERR_UNINITIALIZE. DestroyAllVideoElement does the same.
What’s the proper way to deallocate a video element and video container created with CreateVideoContainer/CreateVideoElement?

Which version?
C# Wrapper v4.6.21666.0427

Device (please complete the following information):

  • Device Spec: PC
  • OS: Windows
  • Version 10

Hi @bragma,

Thanks for the post. For some reasons, this “destroy video element” feature is not working as expected in the C# wrapper. However, the underneath interface DestroyAllVideoElement on Windows SDK is working well. If you would like to have the fix right now, you may modify the following files in the C# wrapper:

  • customized_video_container_dotnet_wrap.h
  • customized_video_container_dotnet_wrap.cpp

Hope this helps. Thanks!

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