Disabling left Button Double Click to Switch FullScreen Mode

Hello Everyone!!
I am having trouble in disabling the double click function to enter or exit the Full Screen Mode:


This line of code seems to work fine while there is only one participant in the meeting. But as soon as one or more participants join, the double click becomes functional again and I can’t disable it.

I tried adding this line also every time a user joins the meeting in the CallBack Add_CB_onUserJoin(onUserJoin). But the double click keeps functional.

The issue this brings to my .NET application that embeds a Zoom window is that every time I double click it, the zoom window pops out of my app.

Can anyone assist me? Thanks!!

Which Windows Client SDK version?

Hey @fpujol,

Thanks for using the dev forum!

Are you seeing the same behavior when using the C++ SDK?


Thanks @Michael_Condon!!

I have to say I am not an expert in C++ and I’ve been using the C# wrapper. Since I’m not even an expert in C# I could only manage to make tests with this wrapper.

But I’m confused about not reading anyone in the forum facing this issue. I’m wondering if I’m missing anything.

I followed these comments to embed and position the zoom window in my C# app:

But the double click keeps popping out the zoom window…

Many Thanks!!

Hey @fpujol,

I understand. The reason we ask if this is reproducible in the C++ version is because the wrapper is not actively maintained by Zoom, so troubleshooting there can be very tricky. However, if an issue is reproducible in the C++ version we know that the SDK itself has a bug.


Thanks @Michael_Condon for your replies!!

I get your point and as soon as possible I will give it a try in the C++ version and tell you about it.


Hey @fpujol,

Sounds good! Thanks! :slight_smile:


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