Display name is garbled when sending chat

When using the Meeting SDK (Windows C++) to let a guest user with a Japanese display name enter the room and send a chat during a ZOOM meeting, the display name part of the chat notification to the Windows client application user is garbled.

Which Windows Meeting SDK version?

Display screen name is “hogehoge”.


Dipslay screen name is “ほげほげ”

Source Code

Join Meeting

// Get screen input value
std::wstring meetingNo = ui.leMeetingNo->text().remove(QRegExp("\\s")).toStdWString();
std::wstring meetingPass = ui.leMeetingPass->text().toStdWString();
m_meetingWorkflow = new MeetingWorkflow();// ※MinutesDataAquisitionDialog::closeEventで削除
// Join meeting as Guest
ZOOM_SDK_NAMESPACE::tagJoinParam joinParam;
ZOOM_SDK_NAMESPACE::JoinParam4WithoutLogin& withoutloginParam = joinParam.param.withoutloginuserJoin;
withoutloginParam.meetingNumber = _wtoi64(meetingNo.c_str());
withoutloginParam.vanityID = NULL;

// ★Set screen name
wchar_t screenName[] = L"hogehoge"; 
// this is garbled
// wchar_t screenName[] = L"ほげほげ";

withoutloginParam.userName = screenName;
withoutloginParam.psw = meetingPass.c_str();
withoutloginParam.hDirectShareAppWnd = NULL;
withoutloginParam.customer_key = NULL;
withoutloginParam.webinarToken = NULL;
withoutloginParam.isDirectShareDesktop = false;
withoutloginParam.isVideoOff = true;
withoutloginParam.isAudioOff = true;

ZOOM_SDK_NAMESPACE::SDKError err = m_meetingWorkflow->joinMeeting(joinParam);

Send Chat

err = m_MeetingWorkflow->GetChatController()->SendChatMsgTo(chatmsg, userId, ZOOMSDK::SDKChatMessageType_To_Individual);


Hi @r-nakayama ,

I’ve tried this and didn’t managed to replicate it.
However there was a prompt in visual studio to enable unicode, which I enabled.

Thank you for providing the information @chunsiong.zoom .

I didn’t write it in the content of the post, but the recipient of the garbled chat uses the ZOOM Windows client app.
Could this be having an effect?

@r-nakayama ,

I see it now, let me raise this

Thanks @chunsiong.zoom .

I think we are in a similar situation.
Is there any workaround for my app…?

@r-nakayama ,

This should have been resolved in newer version of the SDK (5.14) and Zoom Client (5.14.8).
I’ve just tested it, and it works fine.

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