Do u have any compliance APIs for data collection

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Do u have any compliance API for data collection as we as a company deal with other company’s legal data

Did not found APIs for getting company’s legal data(chats,files,recordings etc.) after updation/deletion by user

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Hi @akona,

Thanks for reaching out about this. Our Data Compliance API itself is intended for use by Zoom Marketplace developers—calling this endpoint is a requirement when a user or account uninstalls a Zoom App, to confirm user data has been handled in line with our policies.

In regards to API endpoints to retrieve data such as chats, files, and recordings, we have the following endpoints:
List Recordings
List User’s Chat Messages

Regarding files, what kind of files are you looking to retrieve?


Hi Will,

List User’s Chat Messages can be called only through OAuth authentication.
But we had a dll or server side code that had no GUI so through JWT authentication we cannot access this API.
Tell me the alternative endpoint or some other mechanism to call this API.

For “files”, we mean any sort of files for example(images, attachments like pdf, MS word file, notepad file ,audio file etc.) and we want to download it using API using server side code preferably JWT authentication.

Thanks in advance. Waiting for your revert.

Hi @akona,

Unfortunately there is not an alternative to OAuth for this endpoint at the moment. While it’s a great feature request, you will need to leverage OAuth for accessing a user’s chat messages.

I did also want to share our Archiving functionality as well (note this requires OAuth as well), in case this would provide what you’re looking for, more specifically:


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