Do we have zoom api sample with java? And what does the userId means?

Hi forums!

I have some simple questions.!
Can you do me a favor what userId is?
It seems user id could be email address that we have signed in zoom dev.
I didnt determine wht userid is when I am trying to input this into send test request

I would like to try build zoom api in java.


Hey @dugksl231,

Thank you for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum. The userId can be either the email of the user or the UUID. If you’re having trouble using either, please send me the request details you’re using and I’ll advise further.

Currently, we don’t have an example of using the API with Java but you should be able to follow the same steps to consume a RESTful API that you would with any other API. Here’s an example:


thanks for reply, MaxM!

I am getting trouble with user id.
I am trying to get creating metting api in server with java.
so I need to get a test sample code.
but when I was trying to test it, userId and jwt or access_Token needed.
I have access_Token using jwt but I don’t know what userId is…
I input my mail address of when I joined in zoom dev and the answer is still invalid…
I need your help on to determine what userId is or what is my user Id…


Hey @dugksl231,

Try using the List Users API to see a list of your user’s. You can confirm the email/UUID to use from that.

Let me know if you have any questions.


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