Does the Zoom Layers API work on mobile and desktop?

I am the founder of OASIS, a startup that makes AI avatars for Zoom and other streaming platforms using a virtual webcam. We want to build a Zoom App using the camera feature in the Zoom App Layers AP.

Is it possible to call the Layers API within the official Zoom mobile app on iPhone & Android, or is the API only available on the desktop app?

The provided documentation offers no clear documentation.

@oasis Currently, we don’t support Zoom Apps in our mobile clients but we are working to bring this in the future.

I pinged our team to see if what the process is to get set up with our beta and will let you know when I hear back from them.

@oasis It looks like we don’t have a beta program available for mobile right now. However, the APIs and SDKs will be similar so I was advised that starting with a build for the desktop client could be the best route for now.

Pls do let me know when you get this working on mobile. For us, the ability to run on mobile is probably the difference between us actually building a Zoom App vs not.