Does Web SDK has support for sharing screen video?

Our requirement need to share video to participants, but I found that Web SDK sharing seesm not very friendly for sharing video, the sound is OK but the video has a low frame rate.
I found that in Zoom Desktop app, it has a sharing option that enable ‘Optimize for video clip’. is that also can be enabled in Web SDK?
if not, is there any setting i can increase the frame rate for sharing?

@lck627 , @lck627,

Have you tried enabling the Group HD setting? See our support documentation for more details :

i tried but it seems no effects, i just want to know whether WEB SDK can use the ‘share video clip’ just like Zoom Desktop version did.

Currently, the Web SDK does not have a ‘share video clip’ feature as the Zoom Desktop version. However, you can view a video shared using the ‘share screen’ feature. See the full list of supported features here :

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