Download URL is not working

Hey @selva.iyyamperumal,

Can you please private message me the meeting id.


Sent Tom. Please check and let us know

Thanks @selva.iyyamperumal,

I will check as soon as possible.


It looks like when I try to request a video download by adding the “?access_token=”+jwt, the response I get is a 302 (temporary redirect), but there is no “Location” header to tell me where to redirect to. I think there should be. This might be in violation of HTTP protocol.

Hey @magmatic,

Can you please send this and the download_url to so we can debug?


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I got the same problem.
Did someone solve this problem with PHP?

download_url and down_load token I got from “recording.completed” event that works normally with wget and browser but do not work with curl.
GuzzleHttp\Client also does not work.

Hey @kju ,

Can you please send this and the download_url to so we can debug?


Can you post the PHP CURL code that works for downloading the recordings. I keep getting “Download has been disabled by the administrator (200)” even after using the JWT token with the download URL i get using the V2 API.
I have an urgent need to download recordings from my account.

Hey @ssnukala,

It sounds like your Zoom admin or owner has disabled Cloud Recordings from being downloaded. Make sure this setting is turned on:

You can check the setting here:


I just verified it is enabled. I am one of the Admins and we have multiple licensed users recording their meetings, i am writing a script to download all the recordings.
But when I use the download URL plus the JWT token in the access_token query parameter it gives me the error

This is working now, had an issue with the JWT value, fixed that and now i am able to download.

But only works if I am actually logged into my Zoom Account. and gives me {"status":false,"errorCode":124,"errorMessage":"Forbidden"} when I am not logged in

Hey @ssnukala,

Is your download url in this format:


If you are still having issues, please send your download_url to so we can assist further.


Hello, tommy
I’m going to save stream from zoom download link and to upload it to aws s3 in node.js.
but I am getting error when I try to get file from download link

const download_url = meeting.recording_files[0].download_url + ‘?access_token=’ + zoomAccessToken;


headers: {

  'Authorization': 'Bearer ' + zoomAccessToken,

  'Content-Type': 'application/json'


uri: download_url,

method: 'GET'

}, function (err, response, body) {

if (err) {

  return res.status(500).send({ error: true, errorObj: err });

} else {

  res.status(200).send({ daba: body, error: false });



zoomAccessToken is a token I got it from Oauth.
It gives following error.
Looking forward to hearing from you.
Thank you.

Hi @zeeshanahmed,

Please try removing your authorization bearer header, and only use the ?access_token= method of authentication by appending the token to the download_url.

Let me know if this helps—thanks!

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i have also coded an automatization to download recordings

in some cases the download goes well

but in some other cases i got this error message:


@tommy @will.zoom :sparkles: could you help us with this error?


Thanks for posting, the topic is different from the behavior you described, We kindly ask can you create a new topic for this matter.


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Thank you donte.S

I have created a new topic: Recordings' Download URL responds error 1001: Forbidden

Thanks for the heads up, @fcedillo ! I’ve replied to you in the new topic.