Zoom Cloud recording “download_URL” working only in browser


I’m able to access download URLs fine and when the download URL is pasted into the browser it is downloading the mp4 file.

The same download_url I’m using from nodeJS or python it is returning HTML Page as a response (Required Password HTML Page), Wrapped the URL with Nodejs it is returning status code as 401 and response body forbidden.

How can I access the Recorded meeting video from the backend code(Node JS or Python) ?

I’m using JWT Token to retrieve the download_URL

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Hi @shravan, I have removed the screenshot as it included sensitive account and recording data.

When accessing the recording, can you add a JWT as an access_token parameter to the download url?

Follow the Get Meeting Recordings API documentation reference on the download_url for more information.

Yes I’m adding access_token parameter for that I’m passing jet token

download_url? access_token = Bearer < JWT TOKEN >

@shravan do you know if there are any authentication profiles on your account or user level settings restricting access to cloud recordings from specific domains?

did you find the solution ? I am not getting any response from zoom team and there is no way to implement this. Please someone provide solution for this.

Hi Shravan
Did this work for you. I am having the same problem. Download_url returns a html response and not the recording (using Node.js, JWT)

No it is not resolve,so I’m using webhook to fix that problem