Electron - customize users videos, size and postion

Hi to everyone!
This is my first post, I write here because company where I work in is asking me for a very very quick answer, and then, I need your help.

I need to know if is possibile create a customized layout in electron to show people videos according to a graphic layout.

This is an example, the black squares are the people videos!

My first choice was websdk, but after a quick search I got that is not possible.
Please, let me know if is possible with Electron or which is the best technology to do that.

Best Regards

Hi m.montonese,

Thanks for using Zoom SDK. Based on the screenshot, it will require Custom UI to achieve that. However, Custom UI is not available on Electron SDK, it only available on native SDKs like Windows SDK and macOS SDK.

Hope this helps. Thanks!

OK, thanx for your reply

Hi m.montonese,

If using the native SDK is an option for you, please have a try with our demo apps on Windows and Mac: