Embed webinar recordings with polls

We use zoom webinars to host our online classroom. During the webinar, we often poll students. We then download the recording, host it on our servers, and allow users to play the recording. Often times, when a student is re-watching the recording, they don’t understand the full context of the conversation since they can’t see the poll in the recording. I looked through the marketplace (https://marketplace.zoom.us/apps?category=recording_transcriptions&product=ZOOM_WEBINAR) to see if there exists an app that can embed the polls in the recordings, but couldn’t find any.

Is there a solution for this, or something in the works?

Hey @shubham,

Good point, currently there is no out of the box way to see poll results in a webinar recording.

That being said, you can get the Webinar poll results via the Zoom API:


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